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The Power of Command

We are all great intellectuals. We are. We understand so much of what we hear, and we grasp concepts better than any species. Even with all the sheer stupidity in the world, you know what I’m talking about, we are still on average the smartest things around. As a result, we are masters at jumping to conclusions, really great at being know-it-alls, and awesome sources of other people’s quotes. Sometimes we utter things that are so profound we hope somebody quotes us! I know I do. Of course, I can never remember what I said, and neither can anyone else!

Still, we are good understanders, and we can abstract. We can be told about things that are not present and extrapolate results that would be hidden from less sophisticated minds. Much of what we do in our vast, powerful brains is simply amazing, and we should be proud.

Unfortunately, (like you didn’t know this was coming) we have the tendency to be all brain and no body. In other words, we tend to leap to conclusions about stuff, and then stay at the level of understanding intellectually and not bringing our knowledge down into the body. We don’t embody most of our knowledge.

We are extremely fortunate to have a new set of knowledge coming around, prosperity consciousness, the Law of Attraction, etc. And most of it is pretty simple, at least at first, but, and you know this is coming, too, we don’t bring the knowledge down onto our body. We don’t make it part of us, even thought we know we should. And, as you might guess, this is why there is so much talk lately about why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for us.

We can see this Law working, because there is a definite cause-and-effect rule in place, and we can even see it bringing good and bad results. And we know intellectually that we are not in alignment, and we may even understand why, but, here it is again! we don’t go deep enough into our bodies to find the roots of our sabotage.

If you have been reading this series, you know that the roots of our being are in the realm of feeling. This is not emotion, but the more intrinsic parts of our being that define us as humans and with which we assign importance to our life particles. After all, WE decide what is important, We decide what we are here for, WE decide what to do with our lives.

We are lucky to find out about the Law of Attraction, and like the extremely wise folk we are, we immediately try to incorporate it into our lives. We notice it has some funny results, like the fact that seemingly evil people lead lives of apparent comfort, and don’t always get what we think they deserve, based on our religious upbringing. And we can understand that if they don’t really feel they deserve punishment, then there is no force outside of our civil justice that seems to deliver it, especially if they don’t possess enough guilt to call it to themselves. So we make sure all our young-uns are inculcated with enough guilt so they don’t get away with anything, either.

We can understand that we make our own reality. If I say the old phrase “We see the world as we are,” you can understand how our fears, desires and hidden or unconscious programming influences both how we see the world and what we call forth from the world.

Intrinsic to the Law of Attraction is the Power of Command. We use it all the time, but we don’t necessarily know we do. It is the active facet of the Law, the part that we use to actually make stuff happen. The Law has two parts, one is the unconscious calling forth through vibrational alignment, and the other is the intentional setting out to create new realities by actively stating out intent. One has conscious volition, the other unconscious manifestation.

It has been shown in the world of quantum physics that when observing the energetic field of the very small, simply looking at an experiment influences it. I mean, grok that for a second. the act of observation has power. Is it that much of a leap to suppose that Intent has power? You can try some experiments of your own, simply intend intently that say, someone is going to call you, or that you are going to know something ahead of time, and see how easy it is to influence using an unseen facet of our makeup. Of course, if you keep this in your head, as an intellectual understanding, and don’t feel it viscerally, it is much less likely to work, so try to intend from the gut.

In the next part of this series, I will go deeper into these aspects, so stay tuned, and please spread this blog around!  Thanks!