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Whaa-a-a-at if……… you were approaching the Earth from space and had never seen it before? file301243123568
In Douglas Adams’ great book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” Ford Prefect was saved by Arthur Dent as he was standing in the road with his hand outstretched, apparently trying to shake hands with a car, and was almost run over. When asked, Ford said “I thought cars were the dominant life-form, I was trying to say ‘Hi.’”
So if you took a look, from far away……..you may see a lush, vibrant green and brown and blue world, with a lot of metal and concrete parts, which you may not know the nature of, but could easily observe.
Or so you might prezooooom………..
You may not jump to the conclusion, based on mere observation, that there were animals, bipedal life-forms, who think they are the most important thing not only on the planet, but in the entire Universe. You would observe them constantly fighting and killing each other in ever-more interesting ways, and also stealing from each other, ignoring each other, starving each other, and otherwise being quite unCivilized. beach
Meanwhile, the rest of the mobile life-forms, while occasionally eating each other, were pretty much peaceful and living lives that seemed, well, benign in comparison. It would be no surprise if you concluded that the bi-pedal life-forms were some sort of pernicious infection on the planet, and should be avoided at all cost.
Now, what if you had time-vision? What if you could see history as a sort of montage of evolving imagery which began when the planet began? You may observe that the planet came from a rather action-packed beginning, in the form of spectacular fireworks, that, what, with the fireballs, comets, asteroids and popsicles slamming into the neighborhood every day at seven-fifteen. At some point in the distant past, you would find that a kind of strange organic matter seemed to spring up on it and then to actually move around on its own. This would be life, but you would be likely to have a different term for it, which would naturally translate as “Life.” glowlotus
Now “life” would seem to arise and spread all around the planet, and, while taking many forms, would all come from one place, and be really one thing in different forms. It would be obvious, what with the time-vision and all.
On the other hand, you may be the type, and, these beings do exist, (according to Google, which has become the dominant life-form in the galaxy,) who have become, well, preferential, to certain life-forms over other, equally-deserving lifeforms, and without further consideration, have decided that THIS life-form, as-opposed-to-THAT Life-form, deserves, Nay, Demands, that IT, ANDONLYIT,,,,ISTHENUMBERONEABSOLUTEBESTLIFEFORMINTHEGALAXY,,,,,,WAIT,,,,,,,,UNIVERSE,,,,,,WAIT,,,,,,,,,IN FACT…. ALL UNIVERSES….AND DESERVES….TO ….DECIDE…..WHAT…ALL…OF…IT….IS….WORTH!!!!!
Pretty arrogant, yes?
Now, what is strange is that you could be from a very scientific planet, and view the arising of life on this other little green and blue out-of-the-way rock as a purely chemical accident, or as a seed from elsewhere, but you would have to agree that once it started, it all branched from one source.
On the other hand, you may have come from a deepIMG_8033ly religious place, and believe that the Universe was created a few thousand years ago by a God-type figure. And you would also have to agree it came from one source.
Odd, Yes?

At some point in your own Awakening Journey, you may have had a glimpse or deep feeling of this Oneness. Perhaps you had it on a mountaintop, or on a hallucinogen, or on a retreat after a deep meditation or release. There are many ways to have this feeling, but the strange part is that the feeling is discovered, not created.
Of course, for most who find themselves in this kind of a place, their life will usually shift; toward service, love and unity. Those who don’t, continue on the path of separation, indifference and consuming.
Either way, ifCave3 you take a moment to think about it, we really are all related, and it can be both scientifically and religiously proven.
Take your pick.
Brothers and Sisters, one and all, from the one to the many celled.

(Now that we have proven we are really all one, anybody got an excuse for all the treatment we share with the other parts of our body?)


To Do THIS……

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you, in the meantime I went out and got a job as a carpenter/everything guy renovating properties around Santa Fe, and shifting into the physically exhausting realm while maintaining my coaching practice, playing music and doing all the things I feel are part of my “mission” has left little time to write. However, I still practice what I preach, and when I came back to this draft of the continuation of the Power of Command, I found it exactly what I was going to write anyway……..

So, here it is…

To do this, and be utterly comfortable, doing THIS.

No matter what THIS is, no matter what this IS, be it drover or wagoner, or farmer or scientist, when the Presence is in you, it does not matter what THIS is.

THIS is all a form in space. THIS is all at our command, and THIS is our playground, where we write the rules, or rather, have written the rules and then forgotten.

Why put down the pen? Is it the world-weariness of the jaded and exhausted poet? Or the silent acquiessence of those lost on the Wheel? Or do you surrender to the other artists? The ones who retain their desiring, to the point of lifting a finger? Or a mountain.

Why not care enough to apply for the position? And what is the position?  To step into the breach and steer, to create in every second the unfolding reality, to drive as if you were the thing itself, complete as a juggernaut, absorbing and spewing energy and intent.

To BE in place, as we are, to BE in this moment. Now. And Now. And Now.

Relaxing into the Future.

Relaxing from the past.

Is one real and the other not?

Settling into the place you are is the primary launching point of eternity.

To be so savagely in place as to be utterly unrestrained, and utterly humble. To let go and hold on, at the same time. To surrender and take control, with no control, with Abandon.

Which is more real? That which takes place in front of your eyes? Or behind?

If the invisible realm is real, as we all secretly wish it is, then it is here and here and here and here.

So what difference does it make where YOU are? Or should we say, where your body is?

We all came to this realm, this psycho-physical realm, to DO something. That’s why we made this place, so we could learn to manipulate energy and form. But we get lost in the impulse to act, and we act and act as if mere acting were the game.

Even now, can you take a moment to watch impulse itself?

You can, you know. Just take a moment to hold your breath, and watch the place that the impulse to breathe originates. The impulse to act, to do, to move, to adjust the world comes from a similar place. Just as you may watch the breath try to breathe you, you can watch the impulse to DO try to move you.

But, you don’t have to move, do you? You can become the master of your being by just observing to the point of understanding, by learning to not act whenever the impulse comes.

We learn to adjust the world to our needs, and our needs are almost all imagined. Underneath the need, the imagined need, is the feeling that this world is not safe, so we should do something to make it so, and we stack our reasons to justify a mere and unobserved urge.

My advice: Don’t just do, no matter how strong the urge. Much like the idea that feelings HAPPEN to us, we are often victims of our own urge to move. And when that urge gets blocked or frustrated, what happens then?

In the next piece, I will discuss how reasons get stacked, and what to do about it. And I promise it won’t be too long from now. Thanks!