As an adjunct or continuation to my recent piece “Why do we Keep Getting What We Don’t Want” I would like to explore how and why we should dig a little deeper into what is obscuring our fully awakened participation in Life.

Now, the current discussion around us has the Law of Attraction involved in our spirituality, and sometimes it seems that people look at what is a principle of action in this Universe as a path in itself. Even as I say that, you can see that it is not a path but a tool. The discussion of how to get what we want, and avoid what we already have for the most part; hatred, pain and suffering, is mostly about the acquisition of conditions.

But….is this what Awakening is really about? The discovery that we have a power to produce conditions has given an acquisitive flavor to our times, as if we are somehow given permission to live the comfortable life and somehow be a renunciate at the same time. It’s a funny knife edge we try to walk, to fix our attention on worldly goods and states, like getting that job, that raise, that mission-oriented lifestyle,  that deep relationship, and all the goods of our life, and to somehow also be free of attachment from wordly desires.

Sounds easy, right?  Let’s after all, have our cake and renounce our attachment to it.

In my talk at The Celebration last week, I used money as a talking point, illustrating how we try to use the Law of Attraction to draw wealth toward us, but sabotage that movement by the energetic structure of hidden belief and blocked feelings that we all carry around. You know that we are 5% conscious activity and 95% unconscious programming, so it is easy to learn that we are not the masters of our domain that we like to think we are. We notice that the Law of Attraction works, but most of us still find that we keep getting the same results, even when we are conscious about how and what we ask for.

So, are you with me so far? Why follow a path of Awakening, or spirituality in general, and what exactly is at the end of that road? I mean, if we are all closet boddhisattvas anyway, and the road only goes in one direction ultimately, why bother? The bringing into consciousness of all our hidden pain and suffering and trauma and judgments and all that, I mean, it seems like a lot of work. I can just as easily live my life and ask for forgiveness for the stuff I say that gets me in trouble, and if there’s a problem, I’ll just repent on my deathbed.

Well, this is where it gets more difficult, and easier at the same time. What I have just written seems ridiculously easy to understand and  we all think that we are in no way living our lives like this. I mean, we know that it takes work to be free, we know that the Law of Attraction is a tool, we know, we know, we know.

Then why do we live our lives as if we don’t know?

Honest look in the mirror time. Do we really live as if we are infinite spirits having an earthly experience? Then why do we want to acquire so much? And why do we tell ourselves so many stories about money and wealth and how it is now O.K. to be rich and spiritual? I mean, if it really was O.K., why the stories?

Don’t you have a sneaking suspicion that we are on the wrong track, but parts of it are close enough to at least try to get the goods now, and later we can explore the whole detachment thing? And, conveniently, we can say our affirmations and feel our alignment without having to encounter the Pool of Infinite Sorrow, or the sad look in the homeless guy’s eye.

In the attempt to get ourselves into alignment with the Law of Attraction, we discover that we are holding beliefs that counteract our desires, and we try to “clean” those beliefs, using h”o’po’no’pono or EFT or affirmations or whatever. Now, the technique I have been referring to all this time (the Living Essence Work) is another technique, but it has a serious advantage.

It works like this, you begin by telling me a story of your life, or an aspect of it, if we are exploring money issues, it may be a story of your job, or how things went wrong for you. In the telling of that story we notice many holdings, and these are in the form of feelings that were not felt, or ideas that have become stuck in the body, or beliefs that do not serve. Once we lock into one of these, we find the feeling that is being held, and we I.D. it with an operative phrase. Usually the phrase is much more basic than the original problem.

For instance, money has some usual or common beliefs around it, like, “there is not enough”, or “I don’t deserve money,” and these beliefs have a vibration or frequency which may be felt into.

Now the usual schools of therapy would be likely to go on a case-by-case basis. Tell about the time you didn’t have neough money, and feel the embarrassment, or the shame. Now, doesn’t that feel better? Now tell about the time you couldn’t get that ring for your girlfriend. More shame, frustration, anger. Now, don’t you feel better about that? Now tell about having to eat Ramen noodles all through college. Now tell about how you can’t tip as much as you would like, or don’t go out after dance because you don’t have the money. It goes on and on, this dealling with stories.

In our work, we start with a story, after all, we have to start somewhere, but the moment the feeling of for instance, Lack, is felt, we let go of story and feel the actual frequency of the feeling itself. This is the direct route into the unconscious, and has the added benefit of dealing with all the stories which are associated with that vibration, which would be too many to count. 

This way of delving into the deeper places in us has the effect of dissolving, usually permanently, the stuck vibration in question. And the place that is underneath that vibration is revealed, something the talking school would take forever to find. In my personal experience, inside my own structure, I found that when I dissolved a held feeling or belief, the sponsoring belief or feeling underneath it popped right up like a rolodex, ready to be dealt with next. What is revealed is often quite surprising, but it makes apparent the onion-like layering of the supporting beliefs and ideas that we are made of.

How is this Awakening?

The magic of the Living Essence work is that the belief or trauma or feeling is really liberated, and the energy that was being consumed to hold that belief place in the body is free, and Voila! that place now has space in which the Life that is living us flows. For me, it is like a light floods into the places that were unconsciously dark, and the Something that is us gets a chance to speak directly to me and as me. I call it the Radiant Core of the Universe, because that’s what it feels like and looks like to me.

As to the awakening part, if you dissolve a vibration like, “there is not enough,” then it becomes obvious from mere observation that there is enough. Now, there may be more money showing up in your life, not because you are doing anything special, but because it is the nature of money to flow where it is not blocked, so you are very likely to experience more flow. But what is more important is that your holding around money or security or being good enough is relaxed and your whole being is more free, more present, more available to hear and see opportunity, generosity and service. So the result is you are simply more awake, more empty of pre-existing conditions, and naturally detached from the clinging that was running you before. You can actually and easily get a glimpse of your true nature and the way you have been unconsciously letting your programming run your existence.

I am offering a One-day Workshop to intoduce this work,  and give you a chance to experience what I am talking about, so please call me if you are interested. 505 670 6391 I am planjing the workshop for the 22nd of Jan from 9-4. Also please feel free to ask questions in the comment space or reflect on waht I have said today, and share this with those who are serious about freedom, With lots and lots of love and a whole flood of light, Doug Webb



I heard a comment the other day that got me thinking, we people like to celebrate things, we use all kinds of excuses to get high in one form or another, New Year’s Eve being the most recent example. This is one reason sports are so popular, when “our” team wins, we get a chance to be deliriously happy without having to be too responsible for what it took to get there. And when our team loses, well, there’s always next year……

The Superbowl, that largest-of sporting event, viewership in the billions, is coming up, and many, many people will be either thrilled or slightly less than thrilled with the outcome. Even when our particular team isn’t in it, we all pick sides and root, root, root for the winner. Not choosing sides, or saying things like “I hope they have a good game, no matter who wins,” or “I don’t like sports” is considered loser talk. We in fact love the thrill ride that is sports, and we love any excuse to get together and celebrate.

I know a lot of people who do two things, one is they consider themselves “spiritual” and they don’t see why sports mean anything. These are usually people who weren’t good at sports when they were young. What they don’t realize is that they are missing an excuse to celebrate, to talk to strangers, or to wear fashionable colors.

The language of sports means that no matter where you are, or what part of the world you are in, if you know anything at all about sports, then you can talk to people. You walk into a bar, or are on a bus and there is this common language. “Did you see that game?, “No, I missed it, what happened?” I am betting that many deep and lasting friendships have begun on such a note, I know I have some that are so.

Sporting events are a good metaphor for life.

“How?” you say.

Well, think of it, there is learning to actually play, endless strnouous preparation, leading to a truly competitive event, which leads to more truly competitive events. What could be more like life, and what could be more of an exciting form of life?

We all want to win, and we all seem to hate losing, but there are few actual winners, and many, many losers. In fact, it could be said that 99.99 % of sports enthusiasts are losers. Aren’t you glad life isn’t that harsh? The microcosm of sports gives us something Joseph Campbell pointed out long ago, “The feeling of being alive,” which is an intensity we don’t usually get in our day-to-day.

As people who are becoming more human all the time, we like to intensify our lives, we like it when things are difficult and we men especially, like to burst through obstructions into the freedom of the open field, the clear lane, the victory lap. And when we are not winning ourselves, well, somebody is, and if its somebody we love to hate, well, even better!

In losing, we love to commisserate. Yet another chance to celebrate. And to talk it over with anyone we meet. You may be standing in line and you can say “Blankin” Cowboys” and somebody will say, “Damn right!” Then you can dive into the reasons the Cowboys are cheaters or somehow don’t deserve to win, or if you are in Dallas and they lost, how they really actually won, except the score was not really showing the right result.

So, my question to you is this: What are YOU waiting for?

Are you holding off feeling good until something happens, after which you will give yourself “permission” to feel good? Are you waiting to “feel good about yourself?” Are you putting off the celebration of your own greatness until somebody else pats you on the back, or gives you a raise, or you achieve enlightenment?

Right NOW, can you feel inside you into the place where you hold happiness prisoner? Oh, not right now, I have to work, or I have so much to do, or my boyfriend is pissed, or my Mommy doesn’t like me, or whatever the reason our little minds come up with, can you, just for this moment, feel into the Well of Happiness?

Go ahead.

There, now isn’t that better? So, do we really need to wait till New Year’s Eve to promise ourself to do the things we think will make us “better people?” Or can we just go ahead and feel happy, and THEN go about our lives, which may include seeking out some vicarious thrill rides?

Of course, if you feel into yourself, and find that happiness seems like a cold and distant star floating in a bleak and empty void, then you probably need to contact me and do some session work to clear up those places that hold you apart from your self. Your self, you see, is natively happy, in fact it is our very nature to be happy and free, and so full of love we can’t help overflowing. We merely get into a pattern of doing unhappiness, and need teachers and gurus and workshops to remind us to do what comes naturally.

So, in this new year, or any year, in this Superbowl, or any bowl, in this celebration for every occassion, feel free to be happy, and enjoy the ride! Try some things that intensify life. This doesn’t always have to be mortgage-related, or relationship stress, or all those things we create to make our lives more of a test. Some of the intensity can be fun, and if your team loses, well, there’s always next year……

Why Do We Keep Getting What We Don’t Want?

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So, why Do we keep getting what we don’t want, or conversely, why do we keep not getting what we do want?

Many of us are now familiar with the Law of Attraction, and we probably have noticed enough evidence in our lives to see that it works. But haven’t you noticed that it works against you as much as it works for you? In other words, we get stuff: events, people, things, in our lives that we seem to call forth against our wishes. After all, it is obvious that not everything that happens to us is in alignment with our desires.

The subtitle of this piece is “Peeling the Onion of Subconscious Programming.” As you can guess, this ties into the idea that we are about 5% conscious volition, and 95% unconscious programming. So, if this is the case, what the heck is all that programming doing?

Now, in case you haven’t heard about this idea, let me explain. We do a thing early on in life called “implicit learning.” This is a form of absorption of knowledge, preferences, likes, dislikes and other nuggets that form our nascent personality. We also seem to come into this life with a lot of programming in place, some of which can be attributed to genetic inheritance, and more of which seems to be brought from somewhere, likely previious incarnations.

What this means is that before the age of six, we have involuntarily “learned” to like this and not that, to act this way and not that, etc. We have become who we  think we are, and we have become who we believe we are. And for the most part, what I call “the Standard Life,” we try to remain true to this idea of who we are, sometimes even fighting for the right to be “us.” After all, what is one of the most basic messages we hear over and over ? “Be Yourself.”

What happens is that once we carve out our personality, we defend it against one and all, never noticing the utterly arbitrary nature of our habits and tendencies. We take on these arbitrary facets, and our ego, which is magically formed alongside these facets, spends most of its time convincing us how right we are, and how “we are the ONE.” And, amusingly, while we all do it, not one of us will fess up and admit this habit.

Then we encounter the Law of Attraction, and we immediately think all these great thoughts about how we can get what we want, we can have money, fame, sex, and awakening for the asking, especially if we ask aften enough.

And we read all the success stories, and we say our affirmations, and we try to be in alignment with Source to get what we want. But  all along there is still this unconscious programming, which, like it or not, is running 24/7 and broadcasting, in most cases, conflicting desires.

For example, I want to be rich. I know on the surface that there is not any Earthly reason I shouldn’t be rich, I do lots of stuff, all of which should bring me money, but, where is it? I mean, I’m not starving, but I am not driving a handmade car like Joe Vitale. What is going on?

The nature of unconscious programming, is that it is just that, unconscious. It shows itself usually in a slightly pathological way, sabotaging us when we least expect it. We will tend to do the same things  the same way without realizing what we are doing, because most of us don’t have the time to really step back from our lives and see that we are a whole mess of tendencies. It’s tough to break a habit if you don’t know its there.

In this case of “I want to be rich,” my sabotaging tendencies are “I am fine without money,” and “Rich people are idiots or evil, or just bad in some way,” and biggest of all: “I don’t deserve money.” Now, I don’t walk around saying “I don’t deserve money” all the time, but if I am holding the unconscious belief that this is true, my body is broadcasting an energetic signature that disables all my affirmations, all my striving for cash.

So it becomes easy to see that we are very likely to have tendencies that are hidden beliefs that in turn sabotage our intent. And no matter how much we try to affirm our way to wealth, we are blocking our own abundance.

There is more to it than that. I mean, if you are already rich, comfortable and have a life of pleasure and seeming alignment, why bother digging around inside all the pain and discomfort we find when we try to crack our nutshell? And what if you just like your life and would prefer to avoid all the extra work of bringing the unconscious into consciousness? After all, there isn’t a rule about it, is there? We can all get through life just fine without all the woo-woo mumbo jumbo.


Even  now, can you feel it? You know its the right thing, and you have always known. You know that there is something not quite right about knowing you have hidden unintentions and you let them slide. It is a part of our nature to want to be free, and not in the “I can do whatever I want” way. We want our souls to be free, to avoid automatic re-birth, and to fulfill the reasons we came here to this psycho-physical realm in the first place. As I said in my previous piece, “The Season of Giving,” we are here to both be liberated and to give our gifts. And somehow we know on a deep level that mere acquisition and physical comfort are unlikely to be one of our sacred contracts.

The reason to delve into our tendencies and beliefs is to explode them, to rise above, so to speak, and to let go. It is in the space where belief used to be that Life flows.  Life is trying to flow into and as us, but when we are full of limiting belief, tendency and preference, we block that flow. Its a mighty loud busy signal that we are broadcasting, and then we wonder why the Law of Attraction keeps bringing us “Life Lessons,” otherwise known as tragedies and misfortunes and repeated mistakes.

One thing to notice is that when we let go of our own preferences as to how our lives go, we can begin to see that there is an organizing influence that will use us for the good of all if we give it a chance. It is not God as we might think of Him or Her, but it is a kind of push from the Universe that brings opportunity, and often seemingly miraculous events into our existence. The funny part is that those opportunities are there all the time, but with all the self-involvement we are used to feeling, we weren’t listening, or noticing.

And as usual, there is more to it than that. It is like an onion, with alternating layers of sweet and bitter. When we hold belief, emotion and opinion, where do you think they are held? When we push a feeling or reaction to an event “away,” where do you think it goes? Where exactly is “away?” You got it, its in the body, and when things are held in the body as energetic patterns, they become uncomfortable, and the tendency is to stash like with like, so that there is quite a bunch of bundles of feeling going on. And, the sign of those feelings needing to be felt is………thinking, thinking and yet more thinking. It’s that part of our brain that quietly behind the scenes notices the discomfort, and since we don’t consciously go in and relieve that discomfort, it tries to mask the feeling in other ways. Since the general flavor of these holdings is not something we like, then the ego, in the guise of safety inspector, attempts to keep us distracted and busy taking care of what we are willing to take care of.

And so it goes, us avoiding and doing all kinds of things except noticing what is truly making us unhappy.

This is why we keep getting what we don’t want. We are full of a kind of command structure that calls the Universe to do our bidding, but we are not responsible for the bidding we are broadcasting. It is the un-midfulness that keeps it all in place, the tendency to let our lower chakras rule our activity. We feel better when we get things done, when we are successful according to our lights, when we accomplish goals, but who is driving the bus?  We think we are driving, but are we? I would say that it is all our unconscious stuff doing most of the thinking and causing most of the reactivity that is our comfort zone, or at least what we are familiar with. We are so used to liking and disliking and acting certain ways that we no longer know what it is to be free. This is one reason why the Buddhist approach is all about dissolving our attachment to the illusion of objective reality. When we begin to question the nature of things, we can more easily see the made-up play that we are so unhappily ensconced in. and when the play is seen as it is, we can begin to trust that we are more than we “thought” we were.

It is probably better to question our choices, to not be the pawn of our own tendencies. If we can step back, away from thought and belief, we can see the patterns our lives are writing, and really check into what we are doing, and what we are being. And the reward for letting go of beliefs and preferences that no longer serve is that we don’t have to run them all the time, and the energy that was tied up is now available to us, or more propoerly, to the Source, to give us a chance to fulfill our reason for birth.

There are techniques to this stepping back, to beginning to see tendency, to recognize held feelings as frequencies rather than as specific stored events, and I will explicate these techniques in future pieces. So stay tuned and feel free to ask questions, make comments or generally contribute to the conversation.

And remember, everything we are, we already are, so we ARE love, we ARE awake, we ARE eternal radiant consciousness, we just forgot for a while. And we forgot because it’s fun to do so…….


We are all such intellectual giants. I mean it, we can understand just about anything that gets explained to us, or that we can figure out. And we can figure out a lot, given enough time, like how to dodge the question. Why we have such a capacity is a subject of another essay, but suffice to say that we do indeed understand much of what we are exposed to.

And there’s the rub.

One of the most profound things I have witnessed in my sweet short life was several years ago while I was taking the Living Essence Training to be a spiritual counselor. Our friend and fellow participant Mary from Sacramento came in one morning feeling a bit down. Her Problem, she thought, was a feeling of not being loved.

Arjuna, who was teaching the training, took the opportunity to demonstrate something basic and profound,  so he had Mary sit up in front of the group and we all took turns telling her how we felt about her, which was universally great. We really like her and even love her. So she was showered with praise, love, and affection. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I mean, isn’t this what we all want? Are we not taught, conditioned, and brainwashed to need, require and crave attention, affection, and love?

The thing is, when Arjuna asked Mary how she felt, all she could say was “All right.” Now, you’d think she would be on cloud nine, floating in bliss. She wasn’t.

Then Arjuna turned it around, and asked her to tell everybody how SHE felt. And since we had been tearing ourselves open all week, she felt a lot of love. When she started to tell us, especially the ones she knows well, she had the most amazing opening. As did we all. We could see and more importantly, feel, the difference between receiving love and giving it. In just a few moments, the truth of our lives was witnessed and confirmed, we ARE love, and it is in the giving of our gift of love that we feel the most profound alignment, truth, and oneness.

And in our intellectual prowess, we understand this to be the truth. And the rub is this: How to truly realize this truth. How to bring it into embodiment.

Now, as this year ends and we think about what we have accomplished, the money we made or lost, the goals we reached or failed to achieve, and the regrets we feel around where we think we are supposed to be by now, it might be a better idea to ask ourselves if we gave as much love as we could have. Did we tell the people close to us how we feel, or were we too embarrassed? Did we allow our friends to see us as we are, or did we hide behind jokes and sarcasm? Were we nice to those we may not especially like, or even actively dislike? And did we give our gift?

There is more to it than that. The signs of awakening in this world are alignment, mindfullness, and equanimity. It is plainly true that few of us were born into this psycho-physical realm to work at jobs, to be opinionated, to support war, conflict or division. When we adopt the viewpoint that we came here for a reason, an individual reason, we can allow the idea that we all have a gift to give.

Now, we may struggle in our own ways to find out what our gift may be, because we confuse gift with talent. We think we are supposed to be good at something or a star or an actor. And it is true that finding what Carolyn Myss calls “our sacred contract,” or what we could call our reason for coming here, is extremely important; one thing we can all do while we are busy figuring that out is give our gift of love.

So while we may or may not feel a mission in life, or we may not seem to have a particular talent that we feel is of supreme importance to us or to the world, we can all love, and we can all love more and more. For me, it is sometimes a feeling that wells up, a feeling of overwhelming oveflowing that seems to pour out of my heart. And other times it is simply meeting people, no matter who they are, and taking a second to see them, to let them know that I see them and sometimes to say something nice. People we pass on the street, the cashier at the store, the waiter, the sales clerk, these are all places that we can give our gift of love. It doesn’t have to be limited to our family, our lovers, our spouses. And the magic of it is that the more we give as a practice, the more our capacity to give grows.

It is important to notice that we have a tendency to think that we only have so much energy, that we only have so much love to give, and that we can’t be bothered with people who we judge to be somehow less than, somehow undeserving. But where is the Source of Love? Is it in us?

It may seem to be in us, and that might even be the standard answer, after all, it is up to us to love or not. But if we look a little closer into our nature, we may begin to notice that what we are shines through us, not from us. So thinking that there is a limit to how much love we can give is like saying that the Source is going to be exhausted by our decision to give a little extra.

So while we consider our year, our life, and our accomplishments at this end of the year, let’s make a resolution we can all do. We may or may not be able to lose that weight, or get buff, or make a million right quick, but we can all become more transparent to the Source of Love and let it shine through us.

And it is in the act of giving love, as subtle and simple as it is, tha we bring the feeling of giving down from our mighty intellect and give it a home in our heart. And in that way, we give ourselves the greatest gift of all.

Counting Our Blessings with Appreciatude

As this year ends, let’s just take a moment and count our many blessings. we already have enough voices blaring about our many problems, all the bad news, all the economic woes, all the wars and political posturing. Let’s be the counterbalance to that in frequency if not in loudness.

To begin with, we live in what is called the Goldilocks Zone, that magical orbit around our star that makes it not-too-cold and not-too-hot. We have the miracle of lots and lots of liquid water. O.K., sometimes too much liquid water, and sometimes not enough, but since most of us tend to congregate around collections of water, at least during vacation, we can really feel our appreciatude.

The word “appreciatude” was, as far as I know, coined by Mr. Christopher Murphy in Santa Fe as a conjuction between……you guessed it: Gratitude and Appreciation.

Now, these two concepts are not as easy to define as we might think, but briefly, we know we should be in a state of gratitude, counting our blessings, etc., but there is a funny attribute we don’t often think about. Gratitude is generally for things that are in the past, and sometimes even have a “Boy am I glad that’s over” ring to them. Appreciation, on the other hand, is more of a manifesting tool, as in “I appreciate the wonderful pile of cah that is imminently arriving.”

Both are good to feel, and feel good. But one without the other leads to a slanted view of what I call the Power of Command. This power is what we use to bring the things we want to our lives, and we use it whether we want to or not. It is a facet of the Law of Attraction, and is our personal call-and-response device.

Gratitude is great, but it keeps things around. When we say “I am thankful for “that,” “that” is still here. Look at it this way, our lives are a river, and we are flowing (like it or not) downstream. When we pass something on the bank, or look back the way we came, we can see the events and people and experiences that got us to this point and say “Thank You!” But we have to notice we are facing back upstream.

Now there is nothing wrong with this. Gratitude is a fantastic “motion” or gesture we make energetically that first of all, brings us into presence, and equalizes our energy. It is extremely powerful, for instance, sometimes when I feel gratitude, it is feels like a diver plunging into deep water inside me, this rush of energy and relaxation. It feels right, and well, just plain makes you feel good.

On the other hand, appreciation is like facing downstream in eager anticipation of what we are calling forth. It is not the same as imagining the future in thought or otherwise not being present, it is a feeling of alignment with wonder and light. This feeling is what dissolves the blocks that keep the Power of Command from bringing us what we want, be it material things or states of being.

Even now, you can feel the excitement of what you want, and while the feeling may be a bit fleeting, it is a taste, a forerunner of alignment. We could say that one facet of awakening is the ability to stay in Appreciation for longer and more pleasurable periods.

So, as we count our blessings, let’s feel Gratitude AND Appreciation, Apreciatude, as we remember to face upstream and downstream because one without the other is like Rock without Roll, Rhythm without Blues, and well, you get the picture.

It is easy to get caught up in our feelings, especially with all the things we have to do or haven’t done,  since we are so conditioned to think that the turning of the calender year is a summation of our life, and we forget all the opportunities we have for feeling our own blessings. Even now, we can simply feel blessed. Right now.

Now, do you really need a list of blessings to feel blessed? One sign of awakening is happiness for no reason. Likewise, feeling blessed doesn’t really need a reason. Robert Thurman once said “If we ask ourselves if we are happy, we are immediately unhappy.” So, counting our blessings is just an expression, since if we do actually count them, we are throwing ourselves into the realm of contrast, of abundance and lack. So we may count blessings as objects, and therefore also notice that we didn’t get this or that, or we were dissapointed here or there.

We ARE blessed, we are always being blessed, we just have to notice. Perhaps a better phrase would be “Opening to Blessing,” and passing it on.

So as we spin merrily along here in the Goldilocks Zone, drinking our liquid water, and feeling our blessings, let’s remember that it is our choice to feel the way we like, we are not victims of feeling. Many people get a bit depressed around the Holidays, suicide rates seem to rise, and we may spend time remebering dissapointments, separations, lonliness, and other reminders of unhappiness. Another part of awakening is not resisting these feelings, since the resistance keeps them alive in us, and as we all know, what you resist, persists.

We have a chioice, and that is to feel deeply into our feelings with the recognition that WE DON’T HAVE TO STAY THERE. It should be plain that we do not necessarily choose to feel bad, we let feelings arise and take over as if we were powerless to stop them. This is not true. When a feeling like any form of unhappiness arises, we tend to resist it, we don’t want to feel this way, we want to find relief. So we do the standard reaction, which is, for instance, being grouchy, distracting in activity, drinking, drugs, and other forms of stress relief.

Sound familiar?

Well, I would suggest that we can take power over our feelings, or more accurately, with our feelings, and learn to simply feel more deeply, so that when we are unhappy, we remove the resistance, and feel the feeling of unhappiness, as much as we can, and what happens then? Like a cloud over the sun, the feeling moves off, and the native state of being that was there all the time has a chance to shine. I know it sounds simplistic, but the resistance to a feeling state is the most painful and persistant factor in getting stuck in any feeling state.

When unhappiness in its myriad forms comes bopping along from wherever it comes from, do the opposite of what we all do, and feel more! It is the Appreciation of the message of any feeling, as well as the Gratitude for any feeling, that allows our body to shift. And keep in mind that if you really track your feelings, you will be likely to notice that they come and go, and the main thing about them that you can say for certain is: they come and go. So don’t bother pointing the finger of blame outward or even inward, blame is just a thought pattern attached to a feeling, and do you really need it?

So, to finish up here, since I could go on about this, let’s notice that we are blessed if we choose to be, we can be Grateful as we look back on the past year, and we can quiver in antici………pation as we feel appreciatude for what we are calling into being in each of our lives.

Down to Earth Awakening

oil on canvas 60x72"

Welcome to Down-to-Earth Awakening!

Here at my  blog, I will discuss the wave of awakening that is sweeping the planet, and the ways I have discovered to bring it down to Earth, into our daily lives. Many of us have heard of awakening, or enlightenment, and have supposed it is for the people who are pre-disposed or have lots of time or live in India or California or somewhere that sort of thing is common.

We may have even explored some parts of the world of awakening and believe we have to have esoteric mystical experiences or follow a guru or starve ourselves to get to the mountain top. Well, we can’t all do those things, and yet we might still want to bring more love, light, and understanding into our lives. Many of us have tried the path of religion, only to find that learning a belief system with all the rules and dogma didn’t quite fulfill our desire to find true freedom.

I have discovered in my experience and in my training as a Living Essence Counselor and Awakening Coach, that the path of awakening is not all that esoteric, not hard to access, and can be immediatly useful in everyday situations, like driving or standing in line. To that end I am going to use this space as a way to share what I have found to be true, useful, and Down to Earth.

I have written a book on the subject called Clues:to God’s Whereabouts, and while I am wrangling with the publisher to get it out there to you, I am writing the sequel, What to do When the Tow Truck Breaks Down, a look at the world of therapy and awakening. And the next two books in the Clues series are forthcoming, but more about that later….

So I am planning on sharing excerpts, ideas, and easy exercises to bring simple awakeing into our lives. The path of awakening is not some specialized way of getting weird and being different, it is more and more about everyday people who have gotten a glimpse of their true selves and have noticed that the world we have been conditioned to accept and be part of is almost but not quite exactly the opposite of  what we wish it was. And many of us have heard the expression “Change begins at home,” and wondered how exactly to go about this change, and if we all want it so badly, why isn’t everybody doing it?

I once wrote a song whose first line was “There’s a network of light, turning on tonight,” and this is what is really happening. As we struggle with our identity in this world climate and economic upheaval, more and more people are standing up for real change, the change that begins in the heart, and that subtly and persistantly influences the world from a real down-home place. How can we treat other countries as equals if we do not treat our own friends and neighbors as such? How do we feel more love if we find we can’t feel at all? How do we get more comfortable letting go of control of our family, our job, our immediate world?

The problem we all share is that we are only five percent conscious decision-making ability, and 95% unconscious programming. Awakening can be considered finding that programming and dissolving it permanently. For instance, if we have a problem with an emotion, like anger, we will tend to avoid using anger as the simple, powerful tool it is, and instead freeze it into our body, suppressing it time and again, until it surges out in a temper flare or as a seething roiling silence. We know that it is “bad,” we know it is “negative,” we know it probably causes cancer, and we sure don’t like who we are when it comes around.

Oftentimes, we go to a therapist to get help with our anger, only to be told to find the event where we got mad and presto! it’s supposed to be fixed. But is it? What about all the other times we got mad, or stuffed our anger? What if we find out we are angry and can’t remember where or when it started?

This is why as a Living Essence Counselor, I have leraned that anger, like many other feelings, may be encountered as a frequency, or atmosphere, and when that is felt completely and released, all those instances are also dissolved. And, as a sort of blessing and added bonus, the place in the body where anger was being held, is now free to allow life to flow in. This flow into us is the essence of awakening.

Now, Exactly how and why to do something like this will require more exploration, but I will…….keep you posted!

So stick around for more on this and other subjects, like what the Universe is doing, and why we are here, as well as practical ways to bring deeper love and awareness into our everyday life. Remember, we live on a day-to-day basis, so our awakening should be day-to-day, don’t you think?