Light into Space

O.K., I admit I teased you a bit with the last piece, but my girlfriend insists I write shorter pieces, and she’s probably right.

So, we left off with you finding a feeling and diving into it and feeling all there is there to be felt. This event of feeling so deeply has several qualities, like the sheer rightness of finally taking care of yourself, perhaps for the first time in many lifetimes, perhaps for the first time ever.  Or the knowledge that here in this deep place is peace and healing.

When you actually feel down into a held place you also find out the piece I have been talking about all this time, that the subconscious programming that runs us speaks in feelings. Not emotions per se, but feelings. In case you are unclear, we could say that emotions are similar to feelings, but have the quality of being more of a reaction to events, people, or even objects. For instance, someone can piss you of, and that is an emotional reaction, it has an object, it has a time duration, it is less intrinsic to your makeup.

On the other hand, feelings are more a part of your actual makeup, they are a definer of who you are and how you feel alive. They can arise on their own, for instance, love is something that we can feel without an object being present. You could say they are more consistently present and pervasive, like a current beneath the surface.  As I have said before, how we feel determines what is important in this life. We all share some intrinsic feelings, need for safety, need for connection, yearning for communion with….well, God for lack of a better word.

Feelings drive us, and emotions color us. We get them confused, and that’s alright. Since our emotions come and go, we survive their advent, and we learn to pick and choose which ones are welcome, and which are not, according to how we feel, how we assign importance. Consequently, we can, being the powerful creatures we are, suppress them.

And, along with this remarkable talent, comes……..The Price.

The Price is that we have to eventually account for the feelings we have put off feeling. I am speaking of feelings and emotions, and trauma, belief, and other bits of our psychological makeup that we acquire but don’t necessarily admit to our front row. And further, these sent away and held prisoner feelings/emotions, can fester, making us sick, and they can color our world, causing us to act certain ways and draw certain corresponding vibrational events and things into our lives.

O.K.? Is it becoming clear that these held places are possibly worth investigating? The entire cosmology of theapy is based on this premise, but as I have described, going case-by-case might take a while, especially since most of us don’t get started until we are old enough, or tired enough to notice we are not quite as happy as we could be.

The Point is that we can, through honest looking, discover and clear these held places. This is accomplished by allowing one’s self to feel a held place completely, to the point where there is nothing left, and also to the point where we are completely un-resisting of what is present. Of course, it is difficult to do this by yourself, maybe not impossible, but as Arjuna Ardagh says: “You can’t guide yourself to awakening, it’s like doing surgery on yourself.” So a little help is in order, but it doesn’t have to take years, or even a year.

It’s all in your intention to awaken beyond the things you have thought you are, and allow the idea that you just might be a bit, well, bigger, than we are usually led to believe. In fact, you may discover power that you had no idea that you had, like the Power of Command, or the ability to call forth circumstances, people, and states of awareness that you used to think were thrust upon you.

So we can clear held feelings, and we can clear held emotional tendencies. In other words, we have feelings like love and fear that we have numbed or suppressed or otherwise not felt on a regular basis, and they can be liberated, and we have emotional tendencies, or patterns of reaction, and the habitual reactivity can be liberated. And by liberated, I mean that they “go back” to being what they were intended to be, useful tools in our complex and amazing toolbox.

And what happens when something gets cleared? (This is my favorite part.) One thing is that there is a sense of relief, a sense of peace, and a sense of inner knowing. This inner knowing occurs as the arrival of insights, we know things without thinking about them, pieces of knowledge show up from somewhere, the higher mind, the Source, wherever, and we realize things.

The other part is that where there was a held, blocked place in the body, there is now an empty space, a space that was numb or painful and is now available for occupation, if you will. For me, those spaces became filled with light. I could feel the light flow into me from somewhere, and I knew that the light had been patiently waiting for an opening, any opening, so that it could come and heal me and let me know who I am.

It’s pretty wonderful, and it really makes you feel as if everything is actually perfect, that the world is doing what it does, and people are the way they are, and you don’t have to be bothered by it all.

After one particular session, I had the distinct feeling I was floating near a great light, and I could either turn and contemplate that light, or I could use that light as it shines through me for whatever I wanted, as an expression of my particular incarnation. I call that light the Radiant Core of the Universe.

Maybe I could have reached that light in meditation, or in some other way, but getting there this way, especially as fast as this way works, was one of the facets of this work that attracted me so much.

There is more, since after a major clearing, the triggers that were present before tend to be gone, so the benefit is huge, but once that light flows in, you get the idea that this is something sooo valuable and needed for the world and for yourself, that it changes you in a fundamental manner. You turn toward the light and your life literally becomes you aligning with the light, and letting go of smaller, egoic concerns.

Next: The Power of Command


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