Brainmind Accounting or, Safety First!

The Language of the Subconscious, continued……

As we have discussed, it is not easy to change beliefs and opinions about ourselves and the way we wish the world would be. I mean, try just being mindful for a while, even a short while, and notice all the little judgements and opinions you process through your brain; you like that color, that color looks bad on her, the car sounds funny, it’s cold out, it’s hard making money these days, and on and on. Actually paying attention to all of your thoughts could be considered a form of insanity, and if you listen closely, you may even notice that the brain on its own is a bit crazy.

I call the part of the brain that is doing all that talking, or muttering, the Accountant, because its function is to make us safe by accounting for every factor in our environment. Fortunately, we also have the faculty of lifting our attention above the incessant chatter and focusing on what we want. And we have meditation practices to help us bypass or transcend this entire area of the brain.

But her’s the thing, bypassing this chatter is a bit like having a schoolroom full of noisy, unhappy kids, and simply closing the door. Sure it’s quieter, but the kids don’t get happier through being ignored. And what happens when you ignore a child? If a child wants your attention, and comes over to you and pulls on your sleeve, and you ignore him, what happens? Does he go quietly away? Maybe, but it is more likely that he will get louder and louder, until he gets the attention he wants.

Similarly, if we notice the chatter in the brainmind, we may notice that although the specifics are useless, the overall volume is a key to noticing the stress level of the being. We might even notice that the brainmind is trying to tell us something. In fact, the chatter is always trying to tell us something. And the more we ignore, the louder it gets.

So we go off to a retreat or a vacation, and distract ourselves for a while, but where do our problems go while we are checked out?

It is more useful to understand the mechanisms of the brainmind communication system and do what it tells you. In other words, if we notice that we are stressed, we could just spackle words over the results of the stress, which are the negative ideas and thoughts that surface, or we could look beneath them to the feelings, the Language of the Subconscious, that are being blocked and numbed by our constant activity and distraction.

It works like this: We are already holding a series of opinions about how the world should be, and then the world comes along, not being as we want, and we feel put upon, so we have all these opinions about what is happening, and we are uncomfortable. But we don’t have time to be uncomfortable, so we try to edit the content of our view through thought and judgment. This doesn’t actually work that well, but does give us a sense of power.

We do this all the time but rarely take notice of the particulars because we simply don’t have the time, and the mechanism is too familiar. But what is going on is the storage of stress in the body, and simply changing the words we are thinking to so-called “positive ones,” while a good beginning, does little to change the belief systems that we are holding and are actually running the show.

It is the held feelings, which are noticed as opinion, judgment, desire and belief that need to be dealt with, the first one being that the world needs to be the way we wish it to be,  because we can’t feel safe until we adjust the world to fit our taste. This adjustment comes in the form of telling the kids what to do, what to wear, how to act, how to be. Only the kids are everyone., including ourselves.

Next: how to clear some of these feeling things…..


2 responses to “Brainmind Accounting or, Safety First!

  1. Francine Wunk

    When I first got to Santa Fe, did a healing with this guy, which was awesome, and he gave me a “word” (can’t remember what it was) to shut off the chatter in my mind….”say the word to negate the chatter”….only what happened was that I started negating a whole part of myself and then my spiritual advisor “advised” me to look at that part and see what I had done. When I looked at it, it was screaming for recognition!! I find it better to just let the negative and judgmental thoughts just flow through me. Some days the judgments come in streams and keep coming through. I call them “the judgment days of myself and humanity also” since a lot flows through me that isn’t necessarily mine….so I’ve been told.

  2. I’ve never thought it necessary to silence the mind. I find it more efficient to simply remove my attention, and it quiets on its own. However, I saw when I cleared something, as described in the article, there was a pristine quiet in me, in all kinds of ways, not just my mind. I “saw” the seniority of the feeling as the root of the thinking, especially stressful thinking, and that recognition changed my direction, I no longer see the mind as the enemy, or something to silenced, but as another tool, and if I find myself thinking too much or being negative, I look first to my feelings, what is being triggered, what is blocked, or what I may not be listening to.
    Judgment is a whole other beast, so I will write about it very soon…..thanks for the comments, love

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