The Language of the Subconscious Part 2

There has been a lot of writing and talk lately about how we sabotage our use of the Law of Attraction. My friend Sherry sent me a blog where the writer said that we should change our thoughts and then we would get all the things we want. Here’s the problem with that kind of outside-in thinking.

The structure of the subconscious is a realm of levels of importance. Unimportant things don’t bother us, while important things do. Seems clear enough. But what is important? Is what is important to me, the same for you? You can see that this vector of questioning leads to details and conflicts.

Let’s ask a better question: why are things important? And even better: who assigns importance? “I” assign importance to events, people, places, and things. And, here is the crux: what makes anything at all important?

You guessed it, it’s the way we feel about things. For instance, if you are raised in poverty, money becomes very important, and your feelings about it color your world in brilliant, stark detail. Money becomes tied in with feeling safe. Conversely, if you were wealthy as a child, it is more likely that money will be less important as a day-to-day struggle, although it is likely to be tied up in your identity. And if you are a sanyassin, a spiritual renunciate, letting go of attachment to money may be a greater or lesser stumbling block.

In any case, you can choose what is important to your identity/subconscious. And choosing is comprised of how you feel. For instance, when you fall in love, you make a choice that the person that is the subject of your affections is extremely important,  even though you had no clue they existed yesterday. Unfortunately, many choices we make in life and love are often done in a pre-conscious manner. We acquire our preferences long before we acquire the power to choose them. Freedom is about conscious choice, and the path to power over our choice-making ability is in the roots of feeling.

For instance, if we  feel that there is not enough in the world for all of us, it matters not what we say about it. We can affirm and affirm, but if we feel it differently inside, we will continue to sabotage our intention toward abundance. Similarly, we can promise ourselves that we will find that perfect lover, (despite our track record,) but if we are feeling that we are unworthy, we will find the mate that affirms our feeling, and not our thoughts about who we are.

This is why coming into alignment with our desires does not mean spackling over the cracks in our subconscious with words. We have to go deeper than words, into where our real issues lie. At the heart of our body/mind is a region of held feelings. What is amazing is that beliefs, opinions, and points of view, as well as memories, traumas, and all kinds of ideas and identities have a bodily location.

Here’s a simple test: next time you say the words “I feel…” about anything at all, just do a little follow-up: ask yourself where you feel it. Your body will tell you instantly where a feeling is held. Then just check into that feeling, and ask this of your inner being: If I am holding this feeling here, how can words and thoughts change it?

You can feel the “seniority” of feeling over thoughts and words. If you stay with it, you will be likely to notice that the held feeling is causing thoughts, as well as the attempts to counteract all those thoughts. So saying new words, while not completely useless, is actually a time and energy consuming activity that can be cut short by dealing with the feelings held in the body, and then noticing how the energy broadcast has changed as an effect.

Next, I will talk about the Trail of Breadcrumbs that leads down into the Heart of Feeling.  Stay tuned……..   love, Doug


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