As an adjunct or continuation to my recent piece “Why do we Keep Getting What We Don’t Want” I would like to explore how and why we should dig a little deeper into what is obscuring our fully awakened participation in Life.

Now, the current discussion around us has the Law of Attraction involved in our spirituality, and sometimes it seems that people look at what is a principle of action in this Universe as a path in itself. Even as I say that, you can see that it is not a path but a tool. The discussion of how to get what we want, and avoid what we already have for the most part; hatred, pain and suffering, is mostly about the acquisition of conditions.

But….is this what Awakening is really about? The discovery that we have a power to produce conditions has given an acquisitive flavor to our times, as if we are somehow given permission to live the comfortable life and somehow be a renunciate at the same time. It’s a funny knife edge we try to walk, to fix our attention on worldly goods and states, like getting that job, that raise, that mission-oriented lifestyle,  that deep relationship, and all the goods of our life, and to somehow also be free of attachment from wordly desires.

Sounds easy, right?  Let’s after all, have our cake and renounce our attachment to it.

In my talk at The Celebration last week, I used money as a talking point, illustrating how we try to use the Law of Attraction to draw wealth toward us, but sabotage that movement by the energetic structure of hidden belief and blocked feelings that we all carry around. You know that we are 5% conscious activity and 95% unconscious programming, so it is easy to learn that we are not the masters of our domain that we like to think we are. We notice that the Law of Attraction works, but most of us still find that we keep getting the same results, even when we are conscious about how and what we ask for.

So, are you with me so far? Why follow a path of Awakening, or spirituality in general, and what exactly is at the end of that road? I mean, if we are all closet boddhisattvas anyway, and the road only goes in one direction ultimately, why bother? The bringing into consciousness of all our hidden pain and suffering and trauma and judgments and all that, I mean, it seems like a lot of work. I can just as easily live my life and ask for forgiveness for the stuff I say that gets me in trouble, and if there’s a problem, I’ll just repent on my deathbed.

Well, this is where it gets more difficult, and easier at the same time. What I have just written seems ridiculously easy to understand and  we all think that we are in no way living our lives like this. I mean, we know that it takes work to be free, we know that the Law of Attraction is a tool, we know, we know, we know.

Then why do we live our lives as if we don’t know?

Honest look in the mirror time. Do we really live as if we are infinite spirits having an earthly experience? Then why do we want to acquire so much? And why do we tell ourselves so many stories about money and wealth and how it is now O.K. to be rich and spiritual? I mean, if it really was O.K., why the stories?

Don’t you have a sneaking suspicion that we are on the wrong track, but parts of it are close enough to at least try to get the goods now, and later we can explore the whole detachment thing? And, conveniently, we can say our affirmations and feel our alignment without having to encounter the Pool of Infinite Sorrow, or the sad look in the homeless guy’s eye.

In the attempt to get ourselves into alignment with the Law of Attraction, we discover that we are holding beliefs that counteract our desires, and we try to “clean” those beliefs, using h”o’po’no’pono or EFT or affirmations or whatever. Now, the technique I have been referring to all this time (the Living Essence Work) is another technique, but it has a serious advantage.

It works like this, you begin by telling me a story of your life, or an aspect of it, if we are exploring money issues, it may be a story of your job, or how things went wrong for you. In the telling of that story we notice many holdings, and these are in the form of feelings that were not felt, or ideas that have become stuck in the body, or beliefs that do not serve. Once we lock into one of these, we find the feeling that is being held, and we I.D. it with an operative phrase. Usually the phrase is much more basic than the original problem.

For instance, money has some usual or common beliefs around it, like, “there is not enough”, or “I don’t deserve money,” and these beliefs have a vibration or frequency which may be felt into.

Now the usual schools of therapy would be likely to go on a case-by-case basis. Tell about the time you didn’t have neough money, and feel the embarrassment, or the shame. Now, doesn’t that feel better? Now tell about the time you couldn’t get that ring for your girlfriend. More shame, frustration, anger. Now, don’t you feel better about that? Now tell about having to eat Ramen noodles all through college. Now tell about how you can’t tip as much as you would like, or don’t go out after dance because you don’t have the money. It goes on and on, this dealling with stories.

In our work, we start with a story, after all, we have to start somewhere, but the moment the feeling of for instance, Lack, is felt, we let go of story and feel the actual frequency of the feeling itself. This is the direct route into the unconscious, and has the added benefit of dealing with all the stories which are associated with that vibration, which would be too many to count. 

This way of delving into the deeper places in us has the effect of dissolving, usually permanently, the stuck vibration in question. And the place that is underneath that vibration is revealed, something the talking school would take forever to find. In my personal experience, inside my own structure, I found that when I dissolved a held feeling or belief, the sponsoring belief or feeling underneath it popped right up like a rolodex, ready to be dealt with next. What is revealed is often quite surprising, but it makes apparent the onion-like layering of the supporting beliefs and ideas that we are made of.

How is this Awakening?

The magic of the Living Essence work is that the belief or trauma or feeling is really liberated, and the energy that was being consumed to hold that belief place in the body is free, and Voila! that place now has space in which the Life that is living us flows. For me, it is like a light floods into the places that were unconsciously dark, and the Something that is us gets a chance to speak directly to me and as me. I call it the Radiant Core of the Universe, because that’s what it feels like and looks like to me.

As to the awakening part, if you dissolve a vibration like, “there is not enough,” then it becomes obvious from mere observation that there is enough. Now, there may be more money showing up in your life, not because you are doing anything special, but because it is the nature of money to flow where it is not blocked, so you are very likely to experience more flow. But what is more important is that your holding around money or security or being good enough is relaxed and your whole being is more free, more present, more available to hear and see opportunity, generosity and service. So the result is you are simply more awake, more empty of pre-existing conditions, and naturally detached from the clinging that was running you before. You can actually and easily get a glimpse of your true nature and the way you have been unconsciously letting your programming run your existence.

I am offering a One-day Workshop to intoduce this work,  and give you a chance to experience what I am talking about, so please call me if you are interested. 505 670 6391 I am planjing the workshop for the 22nd of Jan from 9-4. Also please feel free to ask questions in the comment space or reflect on waht I have said today, and share this with those who are serious about freedom, With lots and lots of love and a whole flood of light, Doug Webb


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