Down to Earth Awakening

oil on canvas 60x72"

Welcome to Down-to-Earth Awakening!

Here at my  blog, I will discuss the wave of awakening that is sweeping the planet, and the ways I have discovered to bring it down to Earth, into our daily lives. Many of us have heard of awakening, or enlightenment, and have supposed it is for the people who are pre-disposed or have lots of time or live in India or California or somewhere that sort of thing is common.

We may have even explored some parts of the world of awakening and believe we have to have esoteric mystical experiences or follow a guru or starve ourselves to get to the mountain top. Well, we can’t all do those things, and yet we might still want to bring more love, light, and understanding into our lives. Many of us have tried the path of religion, only to find that learning a belief system with all the rules and dogma didn’t quite fulfill our desire to find true freedom.

I have discovered in my experience and in my training as a Living Essence Counselor and Awakening Coach, that the path of awakening is not all that esoteric, not hard to access, and can be immediatly useful in everyday situations, like driving or standing in line. To that end I am going to use this space as a way to share what I have found to be true, useful, and Down to Earth.

I have written a book on the subject called Clues:to God’s Whereabouts, and while I am wrangling with the publisher to get it out there to you, I am writing the sequel, What to do When the Tow Truck Breaks Down, a look at the world of therapy and awakening. And the next two books in the Clues series are forthcoming, but more about that later….

So I am planning on sharing excerpts, ideas, and easy exercises to bring simple awakeing into our lives. The path of awakening is not some specialized way of getting weird and being different, it is more and more about everyday people who have gotten a glimpse of their true selves and have noticed that the world we have been conditioned to accept and be part of is almost but not quite exactly the opposite of  what we wish it was. And many of us have heard the expression “Change begins at home,” and wondered how exactly to go about this change, and if we all want it so badly, why isn’t everybody doing it?

I once wrote a song whose first line was “There’s a network of light, turning on tonight,” and this is what is really happening. As we struggle with our identity in this world climate and economic upheaval, more and more people are standing up for real change, the change that begins in the heart, and that subtly and persistantly influences the world from a real down-home place. How can we treat other countries as equals if we do not treat our own friends and neighbors as such? How do we feel more love if we find we can’t feel at all? How do we get more comfortable letting go of control of our family, our job, our immediate world?

The problem we all share is that we are only five percent conscious decision-making ability, and 95% unconscious programming. Awakening can be considered finding that programming and dissolving it permanently. For instance, if we have a problem with an emotion, like anger, we will tend to avoid using anger as the simple, powerful tool it is, and instead freeze it into our body, suppressing it time and again, until it surges out in a temper flare or as a seething roiling silence. We know that it is “bad,” we know it is “negative,” we know it probably causes cancer, and we sure don’t like who we are when it comes around.

Oftentimes, we go to a therapist to get help with our anger, only to be told to find the event where we got mad and presto! it’s supposed to be fixed. But is it? What about all the other times we got mad, or stuffed our anger? What if we find out we are angry and can’t remember where or when it started?

This is why as a Living Essence Counselor, I have leraned that anger, like many other feelings, may be encountered as a frequency, or atmosphere, and when that is felt completely and released, all those instances are also dissolved. And, as a sort of blessing and added bonus, the place in the body where anger was being held, is now free to allow life to flow in. This flow into us is the essence of awakening.

Now, Exactly how and why to do something like this will require more exploration, but I will…….keep you posted!

So stick around for more on this and other subjects, like what the Universe is doing, and why we are here, as well as practical ways to bring deeper love and awareness into our everyday life. Remember, we live on a day-to-day basis, so our awakening should be day-to-day, don’t you think?


3 responses to “Down to Earth Awakening

  1. Excellten post! Clear and real. And I am blown away by your painting at the top.

  2. Thanks for your insights Doug! You mentioned driving and standing in line as opportunities to awaken, which I find so pertinent during this holiday season. What I have noticed is that when I am in tune with the gratitude for all of the beauty and joy in my life, I feel stress as merely energy that need not be defined as negative or positive. In that realization, I can relax with the energy and it naturally releases. When not in that realization, the energy becomes solid and tension stores in my body. This must also have an effect on my mind, which in turn, affects my reactions, ie relationships, with others, right? Can you address this holistic connection?

  3. Excellent viewpoint, Nanmarie! I appreciate your comment, and I will address this question shortly, and as you say, this is a good time of year to be able to stand in line without that feeling that the store or the cashier or all your fellow men are conspiring to make you late. After all, what if driving, standing in line, waiting at the dentist, were all opportunities for bliss?

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